Williams Barn

The Williams Barn also known as the Red Barn was originally located where the San Marcos City Hall and Library are located today. It was built in 1952 by Fred and Frances Williams and made available to the public for square dancing and other community festivities. Fred E. Williams was the first volunteer fire chief of San Marcos.

The City of San Marcos purchased the barn in 1973. It was used for public events and by the Optimist Club. When plans to build City Hall and the library surfaced, the barn was relocated in 1992 to Walnut Grove. It was restored in 1993 and has been used for public events ever since.  (Contact the City of San Marcos for usage costs and availability) 

The Red Barn, renamed the Fred E. and Frances A. Williams Barn in 1997, stands as a proud heritage of San Marcos.

San Marcos Historical Society - Williams Barns