The Cox House

The Cox houses were built by Jacob Uhland in 1888 on what would eventually become Cox Road. The Cox family bought the two houses in 1923. Unfortunately, sometime later, on Halloween night, one of the houses burned down. The Cox family raised chickens and cows and delivered milk, butter and eggs to the neighborhood in the 1920's and 30's.

The Cox family lived in the house for 55 years and began to install electrical and plumbing before selling the house to Dr. Richard and Carol Dickey. They continued to restore the house and update the electrical system and plumbing. Other owners included the Cooks and Van Dorens.

In 1994, the property was sold to Fermosa Ranch, an agricultural nursery, and became the manager's residence. The house was eventually donated to the San Marcos Historical Society and moved to Heritage Park in September of 2002.