Here's what we've been up to: 
We started out on April 1 with a crazy day – no foolin’!  Steve Hall and the Kiwanis Club did an amazing clean up in the Bidwell House, Cox House Porch, Museum building and took care of a pile of weeds in the back yard – all by 11:45.  They were a small, but mighty group and also had some college students to lend a hand.  It is always a pleasure to host them as the Kiwanis have been helping us out since before we moved to Heritage Park, their club has always been a big support. 

By 9:30 that same morning, Diane and Sheri, our garden magicians and their ‘students’ were soaking cardboard and covering it with mulch to add another garden spot at the front of Heritage Park.  These workshops are much appreciated by the converts to sustainable landscaping – and we love being able to showcase another incredible facet of Heritage Park to visitors. 
The City graciously brought us a big load of mulch as they were tending to the rest of Walnut Grove Park last week, the entire park is looking amazing!!

Following the garden workshop, we switched gears to host our second attempt at a Food Swap - these gatherings are informal and so fun to see what others have brought.  All kinds of produce, baked goods and/or plants – for free!!   We will host this again on May 20th after the last Spring garden class.  If you would like to learn more about Food Swaps, please contact the SMHS so that we may put you in contact with Sheri Menelli who has been coordinating them for us.
Olivier Jamois and his scout group began work on Olivier’s Eagle Project, creating a data base from our biography files that will be accessible from our website.  This information will allow interested persons to gather information that we currently have in out files.   Their team came back last week for a full afternoon during their spring break to keep the project on track; this is very exciting and we are indebted to Olivier for taking on this project.

On Tuesday, April 4, Julie Miller, our resident genealogist presented a two-hour workshop called, “Anatomy of a Death Certificate” for a captivated audience.  She’ll be facilitating another workshop on Saturday, May 13 called DNA 101.  What you should expect to get from having your DNA tested and how to interpret the results when they arrive.  We’re promoting this to family members and spouses, and offering a $5 discount for more than one person in the same family in attendance that day.  
In June, Julie will be ready to teach another four week series of Genealogy 101 on Tuesday morning at Heritage Park. 
June 6, 13,  21*, 27 at 9:30 - 10:30.
*June 21 class will be held at San Marcos Library 1 - 3 PM.
To register call 760-743-8591 or e-mail

We are still offering our 'Hands on History' to our local first graders and will welcome 5 classes in May from Richland School on Thursdays. 

Also, May is membership month, so if you've let your membership lapse, now's the time to catch up. We have a small token of appreciation and look forward to your support and friendship. Our rates are the same, $20 for couples $40 for the whole family. To pay with Pay Pal, click here and you'll be redirected.  Our mailing address  is 1952 Sycamore Dr., SM 92069 if you want to send a check.

Come by and see what's been happening on Tues, Thurs., and Sat. 1:00 - 4:30.
Our goal is to sign " a member a day in the month of May"!!!!

Have a great day and hope to see you soon for your appreciation gift!

Best regards,
Mimi Kennedy
SMHS Membership Chair